At Red Leaf we have 37 years of experience connecting international students with Canadian families. 

We offer study programs in Canada to young people from all over the world who want to have the experience of immersing themselves in our culture. 

In this blog you will find:

  • Topics of interest to host families and students coming to Canada.
  • Tips and advice on things to do with your exchange student.
  •  Frequently asked questions that may arise from this cultural exchange experience. 
  • News of interest and more.

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This is the best opportunity you have to bring culture home.

A great way to teach your children that diversity and cultural differences are part of life.

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Parent and child testimonials

Become a host family | Red Leaf Canada

My daughter attended for the competitive swim program. She had a great time and will be going back. Thank you for providing this opportunity for her.

Shannon ThewCamper Mother
Become a host family | Red Leaf Canada

Every summer we send our children to Wahanowin, we know they are getting the experience of a lifetime. They get to go to a truly unique camp filled with joy and passion and spirit.

Jordan and Deborah KerbelCamper parents
Become a host family | Red Leaf Canada

White Pine is rooted in a philosophy of love and inclusion. The staff return year after year and genuinely want to make a difference in kidsu2019 lives. I envy my kids and their summers at White Pine. Their experiences have already made them better people.

Jason KimelmanCamper father

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